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How To Harmonize A Guitar Solo

I bet you love the unmistakable sound of two distorted guitars playing a harmonized guitar solo. In this guitar harmony tutorial, you’ll find the advice you need to create your very own dual guitar harmony (in diatonic thirds).

I’ve broken this guitar tutorial down in 3 steps. I’ll use a harmonized solo in B minor that I wrote over a classic heavy metal backing track. On my YouTube channel, you can find the video (see below) that accompanies this lesson, as well as a performance of the harmonized solo AND the backing track (in a separate video).

I hope this free guitar harmony tutorial will help you a few steps forward on your guitar journey. May your guitar harmonies be inspiring & powerful!

Update (18/04). I’ve added the B minor scale that I used in the lesson as a seperate PDF that you can now download from my ‘diagrams’ page. Check out some of the guitar-related material (diagrams for guitar lessons and guitar tutorials) I’m developing over there

B Natural Minor Scale (7th position)
B minor scale (7th pos.)

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