My name is Maarten, I’m a 40-year old guitarist / guitar teacher from Belgium.

I’ve been passionate about music since I was a little kid that started playing the flugelhorn. In my teens, I discovered rock music, and I was sold! My dad helped me to restring his old guitars, and this set me on a lifelong path of learning the guitar.

I start teaching myself this beautiful instrument, and over the years, I started playing more & more, studying the instrument and all of its aspects (technique, theory…) ever more deeply. I played in different cover bands that played rock, pop, blues, and jazz. This made it possible for me to also learn about gigging, equipment, and band life in general.

2018 was a turning point for me, as different bands came to an end, and I also lost a big part of the driving energy that pushed my learning process forward.

After some soul searching, I decided to take up some new and exciting music projects and to start to teach the guitar, both at a music school (I have about twelve students weekly) and in the online realm.

It feels rejuvenating to revisit all the ideas, concepts, licks, and demos I collected during these last two decades and use them to teach and inspire others.

The connection with new audiences, musicians, and students pushes my guitar journey more than ever before. It made me realize that music is all about connecting with people.

So thank you for visiting my page and supporting this project. It is thanks to your support and engagement that musicians like me can continue to grow and move forward.

Reach out to me if you have a question or suggestion, and I’ll get back to you!


February, 2024