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Using Triads in Melodic Solos (pt 2)

If you’re looking to improve your melodic soloing skills, then this lesson is for you! By the end of this video, you’ll be able to create melodic solos using triads on the B-G-D strings. Also, you’ll learn how to connect these chord tones in a meaningful way! Let’s get started!

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About this video

In this video, you’ll learn to find basic chord tones by thinking in triads on the B-G-D strings. This works over any chord progression. By adding those sweet chord tones to your guitar solos, you’ll sound more melodic, and the listener will feel the harmony of your song better.

Concepts that are present in this video: chord tones, triads, visualizing on the guitar neck, melodic phrasing, anticipation, rhythmic motifs & embellishments.

I sincerely hope that this 2nd lesson will provide you with some guitar inspiration for your own melodic guitar playing. If you like the content, make sure you subscribe &  give the video a thumbs up. That does help the channel. Thanks a lot for your support!

Featured Lick
melodic soloing with triads

Playing a melodic solo with chord triads shows you the best notes to aim for in your phrasing. In this example (bar 11 of the solo), the melody first aims for the C (half step bend up from the 12th fret on the B-string). On beat 3, the melody goes for the D on the 15th fret of the B-string. Both notes are part of the underlying chord triads. 

Jam Track

If you’re interested, I offer a high-quality version (CD-remaster) of this guitar jam track that you can use in your Youtube/Soundcloud/Instagram/Social media videos:

  • Guitar: Suhr Modern Pro HH
  • Amp: Fractal Audio AX8
  • Pedal: Crazy Tube Circuits Black Magic Mk2
  • Mixed with plugins from UA, Slate Digital & Plugin Alliance