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Classic Rock Guitar Solo in G

Classic, Uplifting Rock Guitar Solo in G, played on a Gibson Les Paul. Enjoy!

About This Solo

I turned out to be somewhat of a challenge to write a new solo for my latest jam track, but after a few improvised takes, I played this classic rock solo in the key of G. It is very much blues-inspired with a lot of minor pentatonic licks, blues licks, and rhythmic rock guitar licks. The melodic chorus is opened and ended with tasty unison bends in the 15th position As usual, you get the guitar tabs on the screen.

Featured Lick
Classic Rock Lick in G

The lick in bars 23 to 25 is a classic blues rock lick that stems from the G minor blues scale. Bend the 13th fret on the B-string a full step up, hit the 13th fret on the E-string and alternate between those 2 strings. In the video, you can see I play this with hybrid picking.  If you listen to blues, you’ll undoubtedly recognize this lick (it is often played on a blues harmonica!). Hold the bend on the B-string, and gradually release over the course of the next bar. This creates a cool, dynamic effect, fun to play and a real headturner! This lick is transposable to any key, so it fits into any classic rock solo!

Backing Track

Classic Rock Backing Track in G here

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Energetic Rock Jam Track in G

Classic, uplifting rock jam track in G. Have fun with this blues rock guitar backing track! Download the chord chart here:

About this jam track

Inspired by classic rock track from Status Quo & others, this guitar backing track brings the boogie rock groove to shred your favorite blues rock licks in the key of G. The A-section builds up a classic rock & roll pattern, that develops into a more modern pop rock chorus, that opens up the arrangement with fuller chords and a joyful organ. Stick around ’til the end for a little surprise 🙂

  • The main guitar used on this uplifting rock jam track is a Fender Telecaster Vintera LPD
  • Amps used: only Victory V40 Duchess & The Mad Professor Honey Overdrive for rhythm.
  • Drums: Steven Slate Drums 5.5
  • Bass: programmed with Spectrasonics Trilian

I had a lot of fun making this classic blues rock backing track, & I sincerely hope that this video will provide you with some inspiration. Keep on playing that guitar! Maarten.

Melodic Pop Rock Solo in G

Melodic Rock Guitar solo (with guitar tabs) for the original jam track (‘Modern Country Rock Jam Track’) I posted before. The main elements for this guitar solo are melodic licks, double stops, and modern adaptations of country licks. Enjoy!

About the solo

The intro sets the tone for an uplifting, modern country rock pop groove. After a tasty country guitar lick, the verse starts with the same chords as the intro. In this first part of the melodic rock guitar solo, I focus on chord tones, embellished with slides pull-offs and hammer-ons. I play in the bridge position of my new Fender Vintera 60s Modified LPB. I was quite surprised to learn that this tele bridge pickup is ‘hot’ enough to produce this type of guitar lead tones. 

After the melodic turnaround (bar 26-29), the guitar solo continues with a motif of double stops. The energy continues to build, and in bar 38, I play a melodic pattern with a pedaling open E-string. The inspiration for this part comes from songs like ‘The Chain’ (Fleetwood Mac) or ‘Oh Darkness’ (Admiral Freebee). What follows is the guitar solo’s highest point of energy (bars 41-44), with a few blazing blues licks and a pinch of shredding. Bar 46 is the bridge of this song, but you could look a this as a post-chorus. The guitar solo emphasizes melody and double stops again. Some of the melodic patterns return and – after pickup in bar 53 – the melodic pop rock guitar solo lowers its register. 

Featured lick

The solo ends with a modern country lick in G. This lick is mostly G ionian with a cool legato pattern (bar 60 – see colored box), some hints of the G minor blues scale (bar 61) and chromatic ending. 

Modern Country Lick in G
Modern Country Lick in G
  •  Fender Telecaster Vintera 60s Modified LPB (solo + rhythm parts)
  • Yamaha Pacifica P90 (slide guitar parts in the background)
  • Martin HD-16R Acoustic (acoustic guitar parts)
  • All guitars played by Maarten
  • Overdrive used: Crazy Tube Circuits: Black Magic MKII
  • Amp: Fractal AX8 Carr Rambler Preset
  • Delays: H910 H949 algorithm from the Eventide H9
  • Bass: Spectrasonics Trilian Drums (programmed by Maarten)
  • Steven Slate 5.5 (programmed by Maarten)
  • Recorded with Logic Pro X, mixed with Steven Slate & Izotope plugins.
Backing track

Modern country rock backing track here.