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Epic 80s Rock Guitar Backing Track #02 (A minor)

This second 80s rock backing track called ‘Out Of Bounds‘ is inspired by 80s rock guitar music and my love for 80s TV music (yes, a guilty pleasure). I took some inspiration from the Arturia Mini-V3, CM-V and TV-shows like Miami Vice Jam along with the YouTube video (chords are shown on the screen), or download the chord sheet below.

About the track

About 9 months ago, I released a first 80s rock jam track and – to my surprise – it’s doing very well on YouTube. So recently, I thought it was time to write another one of these tasty 80s rock guitar backing tracks, this time with a little more emphasis on the 80s synth sounds. The CMI-V and Mini V from Arturia provided just the right mood I was looking for.

Featured Lick

This 80s rock backing track follows a very simple chord progression (only 3 chords) in the key of A minor. During the verse, the clean guitar plays the following lick:

80s Guitar Chord Lick
Am9 Motif

So the main motif in this 80s rock backing track is an Am9 arpeggio, with a ringing 9th (open B-string). The part is doubled with an effects track and some heavy chorusing (Syntorus by D16-group). 

Improvising Tips

Improvising tips for this 80s rock backing track include A aeolian, A minor pentatonic.

  • Synths: Arturia CMI-V, Arturia Mini-V  (links to plugin boutique)
  • Electric Guitar: Suhr Modern HH
  • Amps: Fractal AX8
  • Bass: Spectrasonics Trilian
  • Drums: Steven Slate Drums 5.5
  • Recorded & Mixed in the Box.
Buy The Track

If you’re interested, you can purchase a high-quality (cd-mastered) version +mp3 of this guitar jam track here

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Surf Guitar Instrumental & Solo in E minor

Original SURF guitar instrumental and solo I wrote, called ‘El Camarón’ (The Shrimp), inspired by an imaginary shrimp super-hero and its quirky adventures in the beach sand 🙂 Aside from this sunny backstory, the track is inspired by the surf hits of Dick Dale, Hank Marvin (The Shadows) and others! Download the TABS (pdf) here: 

About the solo

This uplifting, instrumental surf song is in the key of E minor. The song is inspired by surf instrumental classics from Dick Dale, Hank Marvin (The Shadows) The Ventures, and other surf instrumental bands. The track has a repeating motif with a clear Tex-Mex sound to it. I love this blend of Latin, Spanish and Exotic riffs in Surf Music. This is really fun to play for guitarists.-

  • To record this track, I went back to ‘basics’, playing my 1994 Fender American Std Stratocaster into a Fender Blues Jr. I used the spring reverb from this amp and added some more by sending the recorded signal through the Eventide H9 spring reverb algorithm.
  • Bass: Spectrasonics Trilian Drums (programmed by Maarten)
  • Steven Slate 5.5 (programmed by Maarten)
  • Recorded with Logic Pro X, mixed with Steven Slate & Izotope plugins.
Backing track

Check out the backing track here.