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Blues Shuffle Solo °1 in E(+Tab)

Blues solo in the key of E, with some licks in the style of the great Josh Smith. Guitar tabs (Free pdf) and video below.

About the video

In this short clip I’ll play an (improvised) blues guitar solo on my Fender Stratocaster, in the style of Josh Smith – at least a very humble attempt to play some of his amazing licks and ideas 🙂 When I take some inspiration from another guitar player, I try not to copy the licks exactly, but to work them into my own guitar playing. This 12-bar guitar solo is played in E major. The solo is mostly played in E major pentatonic, E major blues, E minor bluesHave fun with this texas-blues-style video and tab!  

Backing Track

You can find a longer video with the blues backing track here, or you can download the jam track from my sellfy store:

  • Guitar: 1994 Fender Stratocaster American Standard 
  • Amps: Fuchs Blackjack 21, Fractal AX8 Speakers: C
  • Celestion Creamback 212 
  • Strings: Ernie Ball Slinky 0.10 
Blues in A

If you’d like to explore a blues shuffle guitar solo in A, check it out here.