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GLAB GSC-4 Switcher In Action

In this first installment of ’tech talk,’ I discuss the basic features of the GLAB GSC-4 (Guitar System Controller 4) and show you how to program a preset.

In the picture below, you can see GLAB GSC-4 on my pedalboard. In the video, I explain the basics of midi programming. How to send a midi cc message to the eventide H9 (via midi cable).

My pedalboard
Pedalboard with GLAB GSC-4

There is a seperate post on my pedalboard here


I am not sponsored by glab  but a long time fan of their products. I only recommend products that I absolutely love and use myself. The same goes for my Bogner Burnley and Eventide H9 = my desert island gear). In the video I show my battered-but-still-working GLABGSC-3. This company builds simple yet high performance and durable gear!

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My personal experience with G-LAB

GLAB has excellent customer service too (this story is not in the video btw). A few years ago, I bought a Blackstar amplifier, and I needed a stereo-jack to (weird) 9-pin adapter for switching amp channels. The music shop where I bought the amp couldn’t help me. They couldn’t even help me look for a solution although they where official Blackstar and Glab-distributors) so I emailed GLAB in Poland myself. 

These kind people made an adapter for me and sent it through the mail, all the connections nicely labeled and working perfectly. These are things that you remember as a customer! The GLAB GSC-4, highly recommended!

New pedalboard !

Today, I finally finished my new pedal board ! All my favorite stuff is now in 1 (beautiful) case, made by Schmidt Array. Planning for the board started in august, as I experienced that there was no more room left on the old board (pedaltrain 2). Also, I wanted to upgrade my GLAB GSC-3 to a GSC-4 (which I did) and wanted a more convenient case that was easier to set up on stage. After seeing Josh Smith ‘s pedalboards, I was sold.🙂Now I can just pull the lid of, insert 1 power cable in the back and 4 jack cables in the connector box (side) and I\\u2019m good to go. No more fiddling with extra power sockets or loose expression pedals on stage.

As there is a bit more room on the new board, I added the TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 (in the FX loop), a new Fuzz pedal (KHDK Scuzz Box) and (again) the MXR 6 band EQ for clean sounds. The H9-expression pedal from Mission got a definitive spot on the board thanks to a custom made cutout in the upper deck. Apart from these additions, the signal flow is the same is it was all summer.

I really took the time to puzzle all cables together, as room for connecting often is very tight. So far, it sounds great both connected to my digital rig (AX8, matrix amp), as my tube amp (Victory Duchess V40). There isn\\u2019t much tone loss or unwanted noise. In my experience, the GLAB-switchers and the H9 handle these types of setups very well. Connection via MIDI is flawless and editing and naming patches is very easy.