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Modern Country Rock Jam Track in G Major

Modern, uplifting country-inspired rock-pop jam Track in G Major (123 bpm). Have fun with this driving rock guitar backing track! Download the chord chart here:

About this jam track

This modern country rock jam track is written like a true pop-rock song. The video shows the parts of the song (verse, chorus, bridge). The instrumental track draws inspiration from artists like Scott McCreery, Rascall Flatts, but also classic artists like Neil Young. The middle section reminded me of Bryan Adam’s song ‘When You’re Gone’. I aimed for an uplifting mood, a real ‘road trip song’- that was also the working title for this guitar backing track. 


The slide is a ceramic Star Singer Slides Desert Guitar Slide that I really like! It has a nice feel (touch), great sound and stunning looks! I provided a link to Amazon next to the image, if you’re interested. 

r slinger desert slide
Other gear
  • The main guitar used on this country rock jam track is a Fender Telecaster Vintera (Lake Placid Blue). The guitar has the characteristic, Tele ‘bite’. I have this guitar for a month now. It is fun to play, although the intonation for playing chords could be a bit better (this is always a compromise, as I have it set up for lead playing). The slide guitar is a cheap Yamaha Pacifica in open G-tuning. 
  •  Drums: Steven Slate Drums 5.5 (incl. the drum computer in the intro) 
  • Bass: programmed with Spectrasonics Trilian

I had a lot of fun making this country backing track, & I sincerely hope that this video will provide you with some inspiration. If you like this track you might like my Blues Rock Backing Track in D too.

Western Guitar Solo (+TAB)

Get the Free PDF (TAB+notation) here: 

Here is a new track that got a remake for YouTube. As a visitor for my website, you might recognize this track from the ‘My Music’-page. For my YouTube channel, I created suitable artwork with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. 

I wrote this track as a tribute to the marvelous music of classic western movies e.g., the music by Ennio Morricone. In true-Western style, it grew into a ‘duel’ between my Fender Stratocaster and my Suhr Modern Pro. On the Stratocaster, I tried to stay close to the classic twang-and-reverb-laden tones, but with the Suhr, I decided to give the licks a more modern twist, with overdriven legato parts, bends, and more technical lines in the Phrygian dominant scale. Who wins in the end? You decide – or create your own duel with the jam track 🙂