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Bluesy Funk Soul – Jam Track in Gm

Enjoy this bluesy funk soul jam track in Gm. It fits the funky guitar solo I posted earlier. I remixed & remasterd the track to give you a lot of space to improvise! Download this free chart of the G Dorian mode if you’re unsure what notes to play:

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Funk 'stabs'

Funk tracks are great to learn and improve your rhythmic timing. Try to play these ‘stabs’ (=short, dramatically emphasized notes) at the right time. This part of this bluesy funk-soul track is inspired by 70s TV themes like ‘Shaft’.

About The Track

When we look at the harmony of this track, it is a 12/24 bar blues, with a minor I chord. This brings a Dorian flavor to the track (G Dorian).  

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I offer a high-quality (WAV + MP3) download of this bluesy funk soul jam track that you can use on your own social media channels. Get it here:

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Blues Shuffle Guitar Solo in A

Here’s a new blues shuffle video, this time in the key of A! A real bag of licks here, with some inspiration from players like Eric Clapton, Matt Schofield, Josh Smith and others. Enjoy!

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About Blues Shuffle Guitar Solo

This blues shuffle guitar solo is played over parts A & B of the backing track (see below). Part A is a basic 12-bar blues in A, where part B (‘the chorus’) is an 8-bar vamp that starts from the IV chord (D7). In the B-section, the B3 Hammond organ enters for a fuller, sound and the bass starts ‘walking‘ in the groove. I love playing over shuffles with ‘real-life’ musicians, so I spend quite some time on the drums & bass to create a natural shuffle groove. Part C is a break, where drums & bass play a little softer, and the harmony stays on the I-chord (A7) twice as long. Enjoy!

Gear Used
  • Gibson ES-335, straight into the amp (Fuchs Blackjack Mk II)
  • FX added in the box (mostly slap delay and reverb)
  • Arturia B3 V
  • Backing Track
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    More Shuffles
    There are some more mid-tempo blues guitar shuffles on my channel/blog, in the key of E:
  • Shuffle Blues Solo #2
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  • Dreamy Guitar Solo (Blues, Americana) in Am

    Funny how music serves as a counterweight. When my life’s busy, I write smooth, slow-burn solos like this one. A Blues Americana guitar solo in A minor, influenced by Mark Knopfler’s playing. Enjoy!

    About This Solo

    I wrote this minor blues track to express a recurring feeling I experience in Autumn, a feeling of quiet gloom, best felt when talking a walk into the colorful woods this time of the year.

    The solo is heavily influenced by Mark Knopfler’s playing. A clean, spacious guitar sound with emphasis on right hand dynamics, the A minor pentatonic and the odd blue note (Eb).I love these slow-burning blues-country-roots licks that you’ll find in Mark Knopfler’s more recent work.

    Featured concepts

    Expanding on this playing style, I play a few unusual double stops with major second intervals. These are somewhat uncommon on guitar and carry a soft and glassy dissonance that supports the mood here. You’ll notice I create these by letting adjacent strings to ‘ring’ out.

    Harmonic Minor Lick
    A harmonic minor

    Finally, I bring out the colors of the harmonic minor scale in bar 13 (the ‘lazy’ pickup). I like the somber tone of this scale. Venturing into this sound often brings me to diminished triads (look for them in the outro!). The inspiration for these harmonic minor guitar licks comes from listening to gypsy swing artists like Django Reinhardt and Erik Satie’s Gymnopédies).

    I hope you enjoy this solo. It feels like something new for this channel. Sometimes making these videos can be really hard work. But for this video, it felt more like surfing on a creative ‘flow’, less strenuous and without (over)thinking too much. Although there must be a bit of suffering in creating art, it’s better when it’s not too much 😉 Let’s see where this mindset brings me in the future. 

    Backing Track
    If you’re interested, you can purchase a high quality version (WAV CD Master) of this jam track in my Sellfy Store here:
    Gear Used
    • Suhr Modern Pro HH
    • Victory V40
    • pedals; Tc Electronic The Spark (booster) – heavily recommended!  I like it so much I have 2 😉
    • Eventide H9 (spring reverb) in the FX Loop
    • captured with Universal Audio Ox
    👉 Check out my gear page on Thomann: gear-thomann.guitar-inspiration.com

    Jump Blues Backing Track in C (150 bpm)

    This jump guitar backing track is inspired by the blues music of Roomful of Blues (Duke Robillard) Big Joe Turner, Brian Setzer, and others. Jump, jive & jam with this up-tempo blues guitar jam track in the key of C. Download the chord sheet (incl. outro) here:

    This blues jam track is a 12-bar blues in the key of C. After a quick turnaround intro, the classic 12 bar structure begins. The groovy thing about this jump blues backing track is that the first accents of the piano and the electric guitar are on a different eight note. This (intentional) quirky effect is augmented by a little stereo panning of the guitar and piano. This makes the rhythm accompaniment ‘jump’ from left to right. 

    Improvising Tips

    C minor & major pentatonic
    C minor & major blues
    Play your favorite blues, jazz blues, swing & rockabilly licks.

    Outro Lick
    Jump Blues Outro Lick
    Jump Blues Outro Lick in C

    Gibson Les Paul P90 (rhythm guitar), through an MXR Carbon Copy pedal (slap) and Fractal AX8 preamp.
    Baritone Sax from Logic Pro X
    Piano: Waves Grand Rhapsody
    Upright Bass: Spectrasonics Trilian
    Drums: Steven Slate Drums 5.5

    Buy the track
    If you’re interested, you can download and buy a high quality WAV version (125MB) of this backing track here:

    Check out my sellfy store for more backing tracks.