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Jump Blues Solo in C

Jump Blues Solo in the key of C, in the style of Duke Robillard, JP Soars, Charlie Christian, and others. Download the tabs or jam along with the backing track. Enjoy!

Start of the solo

After a classic turnaround introduction, the guitar solo starts with a quintessential jump blues lick. I play two choruses of 12 bars, emphasizing chord tones and paying attention to the swinging groove of this uptempo jump blues song in the key of C. 

Featured lick

In the 3d chorus, the groove breaks up with the drum playing accents on the first beats of every bar. The lead guitar keeps jumping; however, with a part that is somewhat inspired by the playing of the great Charlie Christian on Stompin’ At The Savoy. 

Jump Blues Lick
Jump Blues Lick

The circled ‘1’ on the chart indicates a position switch with the left hand. 


When the band enters again, the solo guitar plays hints of Rockabilly before entering the outro that is inspired by the playing of ‘red hot’ JP Soars and  ‘the Duke,’ Duke Robillard. After three turnarounds, the solo ends on another classic outro lick (covered in this post).

Backing track

Jump Blues (12-bar blues in C) backing track here.