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Melodic Soloing With Chord Tones & Triads (Guitar Lesson)

Chord tone soloing lesson that will help you create your own melodic solo (includes a lot of tips on melodic phrasing, repetition, intervals, and more!). Download the lesson PDF here:

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About this video

In this video, you’ll learn to find basic chord tones by thinking in triads. This works over any chord progression. By adding those sweet chord tones to your guitar solos, you’ll sound more melodic, and the listener will feel the harmony of your song better. This video includes an analysis of another solo on my channel. Concepts that are present in this video: chord tones, triads, visualizing on the guitar neck, melodic phrasing, repetition & variation. In

Full Solo

You’ll find the full guitar solo here.


The melodic solo is built around chord triads. When I improvise, I usually reference a pentatonic scale and add triad patterns on tap. Triads are easy to locate on the guitar neck and they contain the basic chord tones. In the video, I focus mostly on major triads. Below, you’ll find the minor triad patterns (E minor chord).

E minor triads
Jam Track (2021 remixed & remasterd)

If you’re interested, I offer a high-quality version (CD-remaster) of this guitar jam track that you can use in your Youtube/Soundcloud/Instagram/Social media videos:

  • Guitar: Suhr Modern Pro HH
  • Amp: Victory Duchess V40
  • Pedal: Crazy Tube Circuits Black Magic Mk2
  • Mixed with plugins from Plugin Alliance