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Blues Lick Lesson nr. 2 is all about a call-and-response blues lick in A minor, including three stylish variations inspired by B.B. King, Gary Clark Jr. & others. In this video, I explore the A minor blues scale a bit higher up the guitar neck. Topics include picking technique, the use of the blue note, B.B. King influence, and the use of Fuzz.

About The Video Quality

This is the second Blues Lick video I posted on Youtube (January 2020). As you can see, the video quality and color correction is still quite poor (I look kind of pale), because I was still new to filming. But this video still was a landmark, because, for the first time, I added a yellow square that acts as a progress bar, so you can see where I’m located on the notation and tabs.  Since this video, the progress bar was added in all my videos. This was also the last video to feature ‘transparant” tabs.

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This lesson is part of the Blues Lick Lesson Series.