Download the free guitar tabs for this Progressive Hard Rock Solo in Dm – called ‘Rising’ – here:

Calling all guitar shredders! This Progressive Hard Rock Solo in Dm (called “Rising”) throws down a Drop-D challenge inspired by bands like Dream Theater and Ghost. This short-but-fierce solo packs in time signature shifts like a rhythmic Rubik’s Cube, pushing your technical skills to the limit.

Think you can handle it? The full solo is waiting to be unleashed. Time to test your chops and conquer the time signature beast within. Grab your guitar, crank up the amp, and shred your way through this progressive hard rock instrumental. Remember, the journey is just as rewarding as the destination, so let loose and have fun!

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While the original tabs on my website are free, purchasing this package comes with an extra perk: you’ll also get a Guitar Pro file that allows you to play along with the solo, slow down difficult sections, loop parts of the solo, and much more … To use this file, please ensure that you have at least Guitar Pro 7 or a newer version installed on your device. If you are truly interested in practicing and mastering this solo, the Guitar Pro format is definitely the way to go!

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