Download the free guitar tabs for this Soft Pop Rock Guitar Solo in A Mixolydian (Emotional Solo) here:

This emotional guitar solo takes flight over one of my first composed backing tracks, a soft pop rock piece called “Autumn” inspired by the crispness of fall. The solo leans heavily on the A Mixolydian mode, its unique character perfectly matching the mood I wanted to convey.

The intro features my Martin HD-16R Adirondack guitar, laying out the foundation for the Mixolydian exploration. Switching to my Suhr guitar, I channeled the spirit of Pete Thorn, a renowned Suhr enthusiast. One of his signature techniques is starting the second phrase early, on the second half of the second beat of the previous bar. This “long pickup-phrase” creates a captivating forward momentum, as illustrated in the figure below:

As you’ll see, the rhythm and melody from pickup 1 are mirrored in bar 2 of the second chorus, seamlessly connecting the two sections and signaling a shift in the solo. Moreover, the energy intensifies in the second part, with the melody climbing an octave. Apart from these structured elements, the majority of the solo was improvised, adding a touch of spontaneity to the emotional journey.

I hope you enjoy this exploration of melody and emotion through the lens of soft pop rock guitar!

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