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Pics Ann Lee Blues – 09/02/20

We played a bar gig with Ann Lee Blues last week. Thanks a lot to Jan Valcke for taking these pictures. There are a lot of times you come home from a gig without a photo or video, so it’s always nice when someone in the audience proposes to shoot some pictures and then mails them to you, free of charge. #grateful

Rollin’ & Tumblin’ Live Solo

Here’s a live, improvised guitar solo for the blues classic Rollin’ & Tumblin (an encore). We played Nieuwpoort Winter Village this weekend with Ann Lee blues, and it was the first time we did a gig in the middle of an ice rink. Quite the experience! There is no transcription for this solo at the moment, as I’m busy workin’ on a video tutorial for the A minor blues solo I posted a few weeks ago. Stay tuned!

Rockabilly Solo in G


Rockabilly Solo in G 35.07 KB 4533 downloads