Slow Blues Rock Solo (Am)

In this video, I’m playing a slow blues solo in A minor on the Suhr Modern Pro guitar. It’s inspired by David Gilmour (Pink Floyd). You can download the tabs or play along with the backing track below. 

About this slow blues

This solo was improvised over one of my blues backing tracks, called Turning Tides Blues. It’s a track with a 12-8 meter, creating a haunting electric blues feel. This blues style is inspired by BB. King, Peter Green, Joe Bonamassa, Gary Moore, and others.

I feel like there are not enough blues backing tracks in 12/8-time on the net, so I decided to do my take on it. The solo is mostly in A minor pentatonic. Notice how putting the longer notes on the first beat & the licks on the 4th help to push the beat forward. This tasty, modern electric blues solo is played on my Suhr Modern guitar, through the Fractal AX8.

About this slow blues
If you’re interested in learning how to play slow blues solos, this jam track (12 bar blues in A minor) is an excellent companion:  


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