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80s TV-theme style guitar solo

Enjoy this 80s-TV-Themed Guitar Solo, featuring synths, palm trees, all the wrong colors and some fun guitar licks!  Solo played on my Suhr Modern Pro HH.

About This Solo

I was born in the 80s, so that might explain my fascination for 80s music (that and playing too much GTA Vice City back in the day). This 80s guitar solo is played over a retro-themed rock backing track in the key of A minor. The track opens with a classic Moog-synth pattern (Arturia Mini V), that inspired me to play long notes, and gradually build up a more melodic solo with some classic 80s guitar spice. The solo is mostly A minor & A minor pentatonic

Backing Track

Epic 80s backing track here or you can purchase the track (high quality wav-version) here: 

Featured Lick

To paraphrase Bob Ross, this guitar lick was a ‘happy accident’ during improv. This legato lick has 2 septuplets patterns (beats 1 & 2), before sinking into the groove of the song again. 


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Blues Lick Lesson 2

Blues Lick Lesson nr. 2, for a call-and-response blues lick in A minor, including three stylish variations inspired by B.B. King, Gary Clark Jr. & others. Enjoy!

For the first time, I added a yellow square that acts as a progress bar, so you can see where I’m located on the notation. I like to result, so I’ll use it in future videos (not only blues lick lessons).

About the video

In this video, I explore the A minor blues scale a bit higher up the guitar neck. Topics include picking technique, the use of the blue note, B.B. King influence and the use of Fuzz. 

Blues Lick in A minor
Blues Lick In A minor
A minor blues scale

For reference: download a full chart of the A minor blues scale here:

The Next Blues Lick Lesson Here:

My First Blues Lesson Is Live!

Today I posted my first blues lick guitar lesson on YouTube. It’s a 7-minute instruction video on how to play an essential blues lick, with 3 other variations.
It took a while to make, as I’m still new to this YouTube Video-thing, but my Instagram experience of the last months really helped me out. Also, I learned a lot in the past week about Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects (I used AE for the animations).
All in all, it was a fun experience. It felt like I finally connected my love for music, blues, sheet notation, and visual effects. It looks like all the time I spent as a teenager messing around with Macromedia Flash (who remembers this?) helped me to quicken the learning curve on After Effects. So you could say that this first blues lesson connected some dots from the past to the present.
The big jump was speaking English on camera. I think I pulled it off, but there is still a lot to learn.😉I’ll sharpen my filming and lighting skills in the coming week because the profile parts of the video could have been better. 

See you next time ! 


Slow Blues Rock Solo (Am)

Slow blues guitar solo in A minor, with David Gilmour influences.

About this slow blues

This solo was improvised over one of my blues backing tracks, called Turning Tides Blues. It’s a track with a 12-8 meter, creating a haunting electric blues feel. This blues style is inspired by BB. King, Peter Green, Joe Bonamassa, Gary Moore, and others.

I feel like there are not enough blues backing tracks in 12/8-time on the net, so I decided to do my take on it. The solo is mostly in A minor pentatonic. Notice how putting the longer notes on the first beat & the licks on the 4th help to push the beat forward. This tasty, modern electric blues solo is played on my Suhr Modern guitar, through the Fractal AX8.