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Blues Lick Lesson #07 (E minor pentatonic)

In blues lick lesson 07, you’ll learn how to solo over a series of stops in a shuffle blues in E. This full blues phrase uses some interesting concepts, like the use of call & response-licks, heavy blues bends in a higher register. Recommended playing level: intermediate.

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Concepts present in this blues lick lesson
  • powerful electric blues phrasing
  • call & response patterns
  • E minor pentatonic
  • playing above the 12th fret
  • blues bends
  • vibrato
  • blues rhythm & feel
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*The guitar used is a 2013 Gibson ES-335 into a Victory V40 The Duchess, captured with the universal audio Ox. Pedalsused : TC Electronic The Spark, Eventide H9 Spring. 

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