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E Blues Backing Track (Shuffle)

About This Track

This is a new blues backing track on my Youtube Channel ! This is a fun E major Blues Shuffle Backing Track, that fits the Josh Smith-style guitar solo (+tab) I uploaded last week. 

The chords for the 12-bar blues backing track are animated in the video. Also, there are some stops in the track that are signaled in the video! The tempo is 115 bpm. The track is not quantized btw, so there are a small but intentional variations in the groove and intensity of playing. Let me know if you had fun with this homemade guitar backing track!

Improvising tips
  • E major pentatonic,
  • E blues,
  • E minor pentatonic,
  • E minor blues or play some of the blues guitar licks from the previous video 😉
Jam track

You can purchase a high-quality version of this jam track (WAV + mp3) from my sellfy store. After purchase, you may use this blues shuffle track on your own social media (e.g. to record your own guitar solo).

Blues backing track in A

If you like to explore a blues shuffle in A, I did a post in this here (solo + jam track).

Rollin’ & Tumblin’ Live Solo

Here’s a live, improvised guitar solo for the blues classic Rollin’ & Tumblin (an encore). We played Nieuwpoort Winter Village this weekend with Ann Lee blues, and it was the first time we did a gig in the middle of an ice rink. Quite the experience! There is no transcription for this solo at the moment, as I’m busy workin’ on a video tutorial for the A minor blues solo I posted a few weeks ago. Stay tuned!

80s Rock Solo

Over the last week, I wrote and recorded a new backing track called ‘Starflight‘. The main idea was to make a fast rock track in the style of Billy Idol, Joe Satriani and others. The chord progression is similar to a song I recorded some time ago (see: My Music: Stars), but the song got a major overhaul. The solo (see video) tries to balance melodic parts with Paul Gilbert-style shredding.