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My First Blues Lesson Is Live!

Today I posted my first blues lick guitar lesson on YouTube. It’s a 7-minute instruction video on how to play an essential blues lick, with 3 other variations.
It took a while to make, as I’m still new to this YouTube Video-thing, but my Instagram experience of the last months really helped me out. Also, I learned a lot in the past week about Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects (I used AE for the animations).
All in all, it was a fun experience. It felt like I finally connected my love for music, blues, sheet notation, and visual effects. It looks like all the time I spent as a teenager messing around with Macromedia Flash (who remembers this?) helped me to quicken the learning curve on After Effects. So you could say that this first blues lesson connected some dots from the past to the present.
The big jump was speaking English on camera. I think I pulled it off, but there is still a lot to learn.😉I’ll sharpen my filming and lighting skills in the coming week because the profile parts of the video could have been better. 

See you next time !