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Emotional Guitar Solo

Emotional Guitar Solo in the Mixolydian Mode, played on my Suhr Modern Pro HH. Download the guitar tabs below. 

I play this original guitar solo over one of the first backing tracks I composed. The track, called ‘Autumn‘, is inspired by the colder, autumn days. Backing track here.

The guitar solo emphasizes the Mixolydian mode, a mode that has a certain feeling to it. This mode fits what I was trying to express here.

The acoustic guitar in the intro is my Martin HD-16R Adirondack guitar. The intro of this song lays out the basic chords that make it possible to play the Mixolydian mode.

Inspiration from Pete Thorn

Playing my Suhr guitar made me think of the great Pete Thorn, an avid player of Suhr guitars. Because of that, I applied a concept that he uses in his solo from his track ‘The Groomed Noodler’. (available at jtcguitar.com – highly recommended!)

The basic idea is to start the second phrase of the solo early, which is on the second half of the second beat of the previous bar. This ‘long pickup-phrase’ really grabs the attention of the listener as it shifts the melody forward in time (see figure).

Emotional Guitar Solo. Pete Thorn Solo Concept
Emotional Guitar Solo (Pete Thorn's "Long Pickup Phrasing" Concept)

As you can see on the image, the rhythm (and melody) from pickup 1 is then repeated in bar 2 of the second chorus. This motif glues the two parts together and makes it clear to the listener that we enter a new part in this guitar solo. The energy in the second part of the solo is higher, as the melody moves up on octave. 

Other than that, most of this solo was improvised. So, I hope you like the ‘Emotional Guitar Solo’ video that I made, with the tabs on the screen.

For the first time, I published the videos on my (brand new) YT-channel, along with 2 of my previous compositions.

More tabbed solo’s here.