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Modern Country Rock Jam Track in G Major

Modern, uplifting country-inspired rock-pop jam Track in G Major (123 bpm). Have fun with this driving rock guitar backing track! Download the chord chart here:

About this jam track

This modern country rock jam track is written like a true pop-rock song. The video shows the parts of the song (verse, chorus, bridge). The instrumental track draws inspiration from artists like Scott McCreery, Rascall Flatts, but also classic artists like Neil Young. The middle section reminded me of Bryan Adam’s song ‘When You’re Gone’. I aimed for an uplifting mood, a real ‘road trip song’- that was also the working title for this guitar backing track. 


The slide is a ceramic Star Singer Slides Desert Guitar Slide that I really like! It has a nice feel (touch), great sound and stunning looks! I provided a link to Amazon next to the image, if you’re interested. 

r slinger desert slide
Other gear
  • The main guitar used on this country rock jam track is a Fender Telecaster Vintera (Lake Placid Blue). The guitar has the characteristic, Tele ‘bite’. I have this guitar for a month now. It is fun to play, although the intonation for playing chords could be a bit better (this is always a compromise, as I have it set up for lead playing). The slide guitar is a cheap Yamaha Pacifica in open G-tuning. 
  •  Drums: Steven Slate Drums 5.5 (incl. the drum computer in the intro) 
  • Bass: programmed with Spectrasonics Trilian

I had a lot of fun making this country backing track, & I sincerely hope that this video will provide you with some inspiration. If you like this track you might like my Blues Rock Backing Track in D too.

Jump Blues Backing Track in C (150 bpm)

This jump guitar backing track is inspired by the blues music of Roomful of Blues (Duke Robillard) Big Joe Turner, Brian Setzer, and others. Jump, jive & jam with this up-tempo blues guitar jam track in the key of C. Download the chord sheet (incl. outro) here:

This blues jam track is a 12-bar blues in the key of C. After a quick turnaround intro, the classic 12 bar structure begins. The groovy thing about this jump blues backing track is that the first accents of the piano and the electric guitar are on a different eight note. This (intentional) quirky effect is augmented by a little stereo panning of the guitar and piano. This makes the rhythm accompaniment ‘jump’ from left to right. 

Improvising Tips

C minor & major pentatonic
C minor & major blues
Play your favorite blues, jazz blues, swing & rockabilly licks.

Outro Lick
Jump Blues Outro Lick
Jump Blues Outro Lick in C

Gibson Les Paul P90 (rhythm guitar), through an MXR Carbon Copy pedal (slap) and Fractal AX8 preamp.
Baritone Sax from Logic Pro X
Piano: Waves Grand Rhapsody
Upright Bass: Spectrasonics Trilian
Drums: Steven Slate Drums 5.5

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If you’re interested, you can download and buy a high quality WAV version (125MB) of this backing track here:

Check out my sellfy store for more backing tracks. 

Intense Rock Ballad Backing Track in A minor

Dark, intense ballad rock guitar backing track in A minor. Play along with this melancholic guitar jam track on a rainy day. Tempo: 66 bpm. Download the chord chart that lays out the basis harmony below.

Improvisation Tips

On this backing track you can play:

  • A minor pentatonic
  • A minor blues
  • A natural minor (A Aeolian scale)
  • E Phrygian dominant (or A harmonic minor) on the E7 
About the track:

After a short acoustic intro, the A-section (verse) follows a dreamy, ambient chord progression in the key of A minor. In this section, you can use A minor pentatonic, A minor blues, or E Aeolian. 

In the denser B-section of the jam track, heavy distortion guitars and hard rock drums enter to amplify the dramatic mood. You can continue improvising with the A minor pentatonic, but watch out for the E7 chord (that has a G#). This chord comes from A harmonic minor. 

To write this track, I felt inspired by the work of God Is An Astronaut, Porcupine Tree, and even Anathema. This was another fun exercise in songwriting for me. I hope this jam track will inspire you to play screaming guitar solos, 

Thank you for watching and playing along, Check out some other backing tracks (jam tracks) on my channel. 

Twin backing track (Sunset Jam) here 

Keep on playing,


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Cover Art
Sad Rock Ballad Backing Track
Dark Intense Rock Ballad Backing Track Cover Art

P.S.: I’m quite happy with the way the cover art (video thumbnail) turned out. Featured is my Martin HD-16 R Adirondack and an AKG C3000B mic I lended from a friend (thank you Bart!). 

Emotional Ballad | Guitar Backing Track in E

Emotional ballad guitar backing track in the key of E. Play along with this guitar jam track over a setting sun that beckons farewell in the evening sky. Tempo: 78 bpm.

Improvisation Tips

E major pentatonic, or pickup some ideas from my solo here.

About The Track

Credits to my son Senne (9y) for bringing the idea for the video. I let hem listen to a demo of the emotional ballad backing track and asked him with images this music created. He said it made him think of the setting sun ;-).

After a short acoustic intro, the A-section follows a gorgeous chord progression in the key of E major. Here you can use E major pentatonic, E major blues, or E Ionian. The same goes for the B-section (bridge), indicated by a distant slide guitar, warm piano sounds, and acoustic guitar harmonics. This builds to a denser C-section, where a reverb-laden guitar melody enters the lower registers to indicate the move to the D-chord. This chord brings some drama to this emotional ballad backing track and brings the colors of the Lydian mode into the track. You can continue improvising with the E major pentatonic or add the D for extra flavor. 

This uplifting chorus is inspired by space-age pop soundtracks, surf guitar, and bands like Hooverphonic. Everything blends with some U2-style guitar rhythm parts, and ambient synths , mostly Native Instruments’ Absynth.

I hope this jam track will inspire your guitar (or saxophone, or…) playing. Thank you for watching, playing along or just relaxing 😉  Cheers, Maarten 

  • 1994 Fender Standard American Stratocaster
  • Suhr Modern Pro HH Yamaha Pacifica p90
  • (slide parts)
  • Martin HD-16R Adirondack  (acoustic)
Featured Plugin: Soundtoys Echoboy

The Soundtoys 5 Bundle helps a lot to set the atmosphere in this emotional ballad backing track. Echoboy is the main delay on most guitar parts. I’m also a big fan of Little Radiator, an easy-to-use plugin to ‘warm-up’ digital audio tracks. The interface for these plugins is very easy to use. If you are used to turning knobs on an effects pedal, these plugins are very easy to learn and to use creatively. 

Screenshot from Logic Pro X (emotional ballad backing track)

Get the Soundtoys 5 bundle here (Plugin Boutique) 



Here is another Mixolydian backing track I made.