Inspiration on this page:
  • FREE GUITAR TABS: for my all my original guitar solos, incl. the the link to their Youtube performances.
  • PLAY ALONG: I’m making the solos and their original backing tracks available as ‘play-along’ packages in my Sellfy store.
  • JAM TRACK: If you just want to jam, I also offer a longer, remixed version of each backing track in my Sellfy store.
  • Title
    Blues Rumba in Bb
    1 file(s) 918 downloads
    22/08/2022 PLAY ALONG $1.99 JAM TRACK $0.99
    Country Solo in A major
    1 file(s) 4612 downloads
    30/04/2022 PLAY ALONG $1.99 JAM TRACK $0.99
    80s Game Rock Solo in Dm
    1 file(s) 9744 downloads
    28/11/2021 PLAY ALONG $1.99
    Classic Blues Rock in Cm
    1 file(s) 6831 downloads
    02/08/2021 JAM TRACK $0.99
    Bluesy Funk Soul
    1 file(s) 2149 downloads
    18/04/2021 JAM TRACK $0.99
    Dreamy Melodic Guitar Solo
    1 file(s) 2094 downloads
    14/03/2021 JAM TRACK $0.99
    Blues Shuffle Solo in A
    1 file(s) 7333 downloads
    17/01/2021 JAM TRACK $0.99
    Christmas Swing in Bb
    1 file(s) 2504 downloads
    21/12/2020 PLAY ALONG $1.99
    Melodic Guitar Solo in D major
    1 file(s) 6054 downloads
    22/11/2020 JAM TRACK $0.99
    Dreamy Guitar Solo in A minor
    1 file(s) 3935 downloads
    31/10/2020 JAM TRACK $0.99
    Classic Rock Guitar Solo in G
    1 file(s) 3189 downloads
    30/09/2020 PLAY ALONG $1.99 JAM TRACK $0.99
    80s TV-theme style guitar solo
    1 file(s) 3487 downloads
    01/09/2020 JAM TRACK $0.99
    Surf Guitar Instrumental
    1 file(s) 3187 downloads
    09/08/2020 JAM TRACK $0.99
    Melodic Pop Rock Solo in G
    1 file(s) 3083 downloads
    19/07/2020 PLAY ALONG $1.99 JAM TRACK $0.99
    Jump Blues Solo in C
    1 file(s) 3483 downloads
    26/06/2020 JAM TRACK $0.99
    Intense Melodic Solo in Am
    1 file(s) 3011 downloads
    31/05/2020 JAM TRACK $0.99
    Emotional Ballad Guitar Solo in E
    1 file(s) 3509 downloads
    10/05/2020 JAM TRACK $0.99
    Blues Rock Solo in D
    1 file(s) 3007 downloads
    26/04/2020 JAM TRACK $0.99
    Dual Guitar Harmony
    1 file(s) 3333 downloads
    Blues Guitar Solo in E #2
    1 file(s) 4505 downloads
    80s Rock Solo
    1 file(s) 3557 downloads
    Western Guitar Solo
    1 file(s) 3612 downloads
    Blues Guitar Solo in E #1
    1 file(s) 4824 downloads
    Slow Blues in A minor
    1 file(s) 3711 downloads
    Double Stops (1 Chord)
    1 file(s) 2824 downloads
    Melodic Guitar Solo
    1 file(s) 1331 downloads
    Emotional Guitar Solo
    1 file(s) 2609 downloads
    Rockabilly Solo in G
    1 file(s) 2747 downloads
    Progressive Rock Solo
    1 file(s) 2696 downloads
    Jump Blues Solo
    1 file(s) 3158 downloads


      Why is not every PLAY ALONG or JAM TRACK available?

      I’m still adding them. Currently (september, 2022), I’m compiling a lot of the missing ‘play along’-packages. When I started uploading my solos and tabs, I had not anticipated that there would be such a demand for the backing tracks, used in my solos. I now understand that a lot of you want to study the solo over the original backing track and that the longer jam tracks offer a different experience.  So, stay tuned as this page is being updated! Or feel free to let me know wich play along package or jam track you would like to see added next. 

      Why are you giving away your GUITAR TABS for free?

      In december 2019, I started uploading my original tracks and solos to my YouTube Channel. These solos are made with concepts, ideas and insights that I collected over the years as a self-taught guitar player. I truly believe that these ideas have more value if I share them with you, so that’s why I offer you the possibility to download these guitar tabs for free. I hope you can pick some inspiration from it, and that they can help you progress on your guitar journey! Also, in my 20+ years of studying the guitar, I always found it to be a bummer when you’re inspired by somebody’s playing, but then you hit a paywall for the tabs. My ambition is the keep offering the tabs for free, so you can quickly dive into the material and start learning.

      I want to click on something, but it doesn't work. What can I do?

      Oops! I’m sorry about that! Report a broken link or correction here.