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Blues Rumba in Bb

Blues Rumba in Bb. Enjoy this original blues rumba groove with a bag of blues licks inspired by Matt Schofield, Eric Clapton, and others. 

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Pentatonic Blues Shifting Pattern
Pentatonic Blues Shifting Pattern

In the video, around 1:55 I play the above Bb minor pentatonic blues lick, with a shifting rhythmic pattern. This is inspired by Eric Clapton’s blues playing. High up the neck, Clapton often plays these interesting rhythmic subdivisions (hemiola’s), that can take a regular pentatonic lick to a whole new level. The pattern above consists of six notes and has a shifting hammer-on/pull-off triplet. This blues lick not just works in rumba blues but in various styles of blues playing. 

Listen to the example below (isolated lead guitar from the video):

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The play-along has nog lead guitar, so you can practice the track with the original backing track. Both tracks are professionally mastered by André Castro Mastering.

5 Creative Bending Techniques

Here’s my latest, electric guitar lesson where I teach you 5 creative bending techniques for melodic rock soloing:

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In this lesson, I teach you 5 guitar bending techniques: pre-bending, bending and (right hand) tapping, playing bends on top of bends, unison bends and (my favorite) bend-release-bend patterns. Especially for this electric lesson, I wrote an 8-bar guitar solo, which has al the techniques in it. I hope these guitar bending tricks help your string bending practice!

Country Solo in A major

Lighthearted Country Solo & Instrumental in A major. A bit of Rockabilly twang and Country Western Swing influence too! The guitar is my lake placid Fender Vintera Telecaster. Enjoy!

country swing
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Country Turnaround Lick

At the end of the B-section, I play this ‘bouncy’, country guitar lick on the turnaround (from the E chord back to the A). In pink, you can see how the melody of this country solo moves from the E  (12th fret on the e-string) to the A (5th fret on the e-string). Listen to the example below:

Blues Lesson #10 – Groove & Lick Lesson in E

Blues guitar lesson #10, where I show you how to play an easy blues groove in E, with different E minor blues licks on top! Recommended playing level: intermediate. Download the free lesson guide (PDF) here (includes all tabs & diagrams):

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About this blues lesson

’m proud to present to you my 10th blues lick guitar lesson. In this video, I’ll teach you how to play an easy blues groove in E, with different E minor blues licks on top! We’ll start from a basic (open E chord) groove and add different types of licks with hammer-ons, pull-offs, blues bends and hybrid picking.