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Blues Rock Solo (in D)

After I posted the blues rock backing track last week, I started thinking about writing an original blues rock solo for the jam track. Watch the end result in the video, download the (free) tab or jam along with the backing track.

Inspiration For The Solo

The inspiration for the backing track comes from music by Kenny Wayne Shepherd (Blue On Black), Joe Bonamassa, and other guitarists. So for the solo, I found inspiration in how these guitarists use the blues scale in their playing.

The blues solo in the video is one of the longes I’ve played to date, and it’s a long build towards the final (accented) eight notes.

In the A-section, I leave a lot of space for the slide guitar in the background and the acoustic guitar riffs. I use slides, pull-offs, and hammer-ons to embellish basic blues licks. I wrote this part last, and – before I did – I revisited Guthrie Govan’s “Remember When”, the perfect blend of liquid guitar lines and mellow groove. 

In The B-section, I build up the energy with some Kenny Wayne Shepherd-style licks. Texas Blues licks always add style to a guitar solo. They sound best on a guitar with a single-coil pickup. I chose the 2nd position on the Suhr HH (split coil between the bridge and middle pickup).

In the C-section (chorus), I switch to the bridge video (clearly visible in the video) to play some modern blues licks where long notes balance out some and flashy licks in every fourth bar. It is in this upper range that the Suhr guitar shows its merits. Although this may look like a shred guitar (whatever that means); ,t has a smooth blues guitar voice that brings articulation, intonation, and feeling into every upper octave solo.

Tonewise, i added a fuzz into the guitar sound to bring out the pick attack. At the end of the solo, I push the fuzz-sound a little bit by adding an upper octave.

Featured Lick

This is a classic D minor Texas Blues lick. The bend on the 12th fret catapults the phrase back to the upper E-string. I especially like the feel of the descending sextuplet pattern that follows.

Texas Blues Lick
Texas Blues Lick (D)

Blues Rock Backing Track in D

I made a new Blues Rock Backing Track in D, inspired by the music of Kenny Wayne Shepherd, , Joe Bonamassa, The Black Crowes  and more. Have fun with this swampy, driving blues rock jam track in the key of D. 

The main idea for this jam track originated when I revisited Kenny Wayne Shepherd‘s ‘Blue On Black’ and the excellent cover that was done by Five Finger Death Punch. I saw KWS live for the first time last year, and the experience really blew my mind (what great tone!). I truly feel grateful that I had a chance to see this band at Blues Peer 2019.

I like my backing tracks unquantized especially for blues. Even though the drum parts are programmed in Steven Slate 5.5, they are not fully placed on the grid, to keep the natural and human feeling. I believe this helps to learn how to improvise on your blues guitar. Check out my other blues backing track in E (shuffle) here

If you’re interested, you can download a HQ-WAV version from this ‘Blues Rock Backing Track’ in my Sellfy store below. That also helps to support my page & channel. Thanks! Maarten.

Dual Guitar Harmony

Here is a new Guitar Solo (with dual harmony) in B minor over a classic heavy metal guitar backing track called ‘Double Shot’.

The main idea was to play a twin harmony dual guitar lead in the style of The Scorpions, Thin Lizzy, Ratt, Iron Maiden and Boston (Tom Scholz!). Dual guitar solos are one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures on guitar. This solo is harmonized in diatonic thirds. Most of the solo is played in the B minor scale (aeolian). The video shows you two views of both parts in a 4-way split-screen. After that, you can follow the tabs on the screen or you can click through to the backing track! All guitar parts (rhythm and guitar harmonies) recorded on my Suhr Modern Pro. Download the tabs below the video.

How To Harmonize A Guitar Solo - Tutorial

If you’re interested in learning to write your own dual guitar harmony solo, you can find my video tutorial on ‘How To Harmonize A Guitar Solo’ here


guitar: Suhr Modern Pro (HH, Floyd Rose Bridge)

amps: AX8-models Mesa IC+ & Friedman HBE – double tracked

FX: Waves Manny Marroquin Delay:

Backing Track
If you’re interested, you can purchase a high quality WAV- version of the backing track from my sellfy page:

Keep on playing !


How To Play E7 Chord Workshop

Today, I posted a series of 4 videos, all about how to play E7, the dominant E seventh chord. 

The inspiration for this workshop arose after a student asked me about the E7 chord and how to play it on the guitar. 

The videos have an ascending difficulty from the basic level (video 1, how to play E7) to intermediate (video 2, my favorite voicings) to advanced (video 3: funk comping on one chord). The 4th video is the backing track for video 3. PDF’s below the video.

I hope you have fun with this chord workshop and funk guitar videos!

Practice these voicings on the E7 funk backing track in the video or this E shuffle blues backing track in E:

Download this jam track (FREE)

You can download this one chord jam track (E7) (in WAV format )  FREE  from my sellfy webshop here

More funk

If you like funky music, check out my bluesy funk soul track and solo here.