Blues Rumba in Bb

Blues Rumba in Bb. Enjoy this original blues rumba groove with a bag of blues licks inspired by Matt Schofield, Eric Clapton, and others. 

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Pentatonic Blues Shifting Pattern
Pentatonic Blues Shifting Pattern

In the video, around 1:55 I play the above Bb minor pentatonic blues lick, with a shifting rhythmic pattern. This is inspired by Eric Clapton’s blues playing. High up the neck, Clapton often plays these interesting rhythmic subdivisions (hemiola’s), that can take a regular pentatonic lick to a whole new level. The pattern above consists of six notes and has a shifting hammer-on/pull-off triplet. This blues lick not just works in rumba blues but in various styles of blues playing. 

Listen to the example below (isolated lead guitar from the video):

Buy The Track (and Play-Along)

The play-along has nog lead guitar, so you can practice the track with the original backing track. Both tracks are professionally mastered by André Castro Mastering.

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