Day: April 3, 2022

Country Rockabilly Jam Track in A major

Here is a fun, new jam track I wrote and recorded in A major.

Update: the video is taken down atm, as the copyright algorithm on Youtube claims its actually a Russian rock song from the 80s (?). Altough there is no similarity, the publisher of the song rejected (!) my polite ask to remove the copyright claim. I’m on it. Hoping to see this matter resolved quickly.

Play Video

This track is your perfect companion to learn how to improvise over a country rockabilly rhythm. Part A is a classic train rhythm, whereas part B adds a bit more bounce in a typical rockabilly swing or jump blues style. Part C features classic ‘blues stops’. Stick around for the end (full boppin’ jump blues mode, with a walking bass!) Enjoy these and many more of my jam tracks!

Producing realistic parts

Like most of my jam tracks, this country rockabilly track uses a bass part that is made with Spectrasonics Trilian, one of my favorite virtual instruments. Below is an overview of the acoustic bass part, meticulously designed to be as real as possible. Especially in a genre like country or rockabilly, it’s important to jam over a natural groove, without quantization. Adding the extra noises that the neck of the double bass makes adds to the vintage feel and realism.  I hope you enjoy this country rockabilly guitar track!

under the hood of the double bass part

And this is how it sounds:

Buy The Track

If you want to use the track on your own social media channels, you can buy a HQ-WAV version (and MP3) of this vintage country & rockabilly backing track in A major here: