Blues Lick Lesson #09 (C minor pentatonic)

Here is my 9th blues lick guitar lesson. In this video, I’ll teach you how to play slow, string skipping blues licks C minor. Recommended playing level: intermediate.  

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I recorded a short backing track (Cm) for this lesson, you can find it below. If you want a LONG backing track in a similar style (in Am) you can find it in my jam track shop.

About this lesson

I’m proud to present to you my 9th blues lick guitar lesson. This blues phrase is played over a slow blues-rock jam track in C minor (12-8). In this lesson, I focus on atypical licks that either stay on 1 string or skip strings. The licks fit over a turnaround (last 2 bars of a 12 bar blues. chorus) and come from the C minor blues scale (or C minor pentatonic with the blue note). Variation 2 uses hybrid picking and is inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan‘s playing. So you’ll get a hybrid picking lesson for beginners in this video. Enjoy!

Concepts present in this blues lick lesson
  • skipping strings (vertical phrasing)
  • staying on 1 string (horizontal phrasing)
  • legato (hammer-on, pull-off)
  • hybrid picking
  • C minor pentatonic, blues scale – blue note

*-The guitar used is a Fender 1994 Stratocaster (stock pickups) Amp: Fractal AX8 preset

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